Hi M,

Hmmm … as you get older, surprises come a little more slowly than in the early years. As time passes there is much you have done, heard, and seen. Surprises come a little slower in the “joy to the heart department.” (Just being happy is something that alludes some.) Your grandpa bets you find a surprise in each day. Something or somebody that makes you grin or giggle. Maybe it is something you could not do yesterday … and today … you can do it. A happy surprise. Maybe yesterday you didn’t know that person … and today … you do. They are kind of fun. Hope you had a surprise, fun day. (Your grandpa had one of those days … tell you about it one day.) You know what? Hope surprises, giggles and grins are everyday things for you.

Found an interesting phrase in the 7th day of Ps. “Face shining.” Let’s call the laugh out loud, smile, giggle, grin moments “face shining” moments. May you have many of them.

Love you little one,




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