Hi M,

M & J on the quad

Happy Sunday!

Your grandpa would like to introduce you to a  “guest grandpa” (Tim) …  he’s been a friend for a long time and here is what he wrote: (Grandpa stuff …)

“Good evening, Lexie! It’s almost your 5th birthday! You start Kindergarten full time this year!  It is a joy to watch you grow up.  And the way you help your little sister is amazing!  For that matter, the way you want to help your grandma and papa all the time is pretty amazing! 

With school starting soon. I am proud of the way you have played with your friends in pre-school these past two years. And I am in awe of how you were the only one to get the autistic boy to say a few words when no one could for 4 years!  

 That is a gift from God!  Don’t stop using that gift.

I thank God for you! I pray you will be a blessing to many as your life continues to unfold. Lexie, know that I will forever love you.

Papa Choo Choo***

P.S.  Hi, M.  I knew your grandpa from college.  What a terrific speaker!  Treasure his writings.”

Love you little one,


(*Thanks Tim!)


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