Hi M,

It has been on my mind most of the day for some reason … songs … lyrics (words that make up songs) … music … even how fun it is to dance. Your mom can dance. Your dad can dance. Your aunt and uncle can dance. Your grandmother can dance. Bet you will be able to dance. Your grandpa, big fan, but dancing … not so much. (One guy said it well … he dances like he is looking for his keys … one day that will make you laugh … that’s your grandpa.) Your grandpa dances a little, has a great story about dancing, that he’ll save for a little later but singing and dancing is a sign of happiness. Happiness inside of you, joy inside of you, a smile in you just causes songs to be sung and your body to move because of the music in you. Must say … hope you sing and dance.

M, part of my reading is a few words from Mt each day. (And some other stuff.) These words caused me to pause today. “Go and make careful search for the Child.” When you get older, 12 or so … (12 years or so) … it will be good to make a “careful search” for “the Child.” Your mom will tell you about Jesus, church and stuff. Your dad will tell you about Jesus, church and stuff. Family and friends will tell you their thoughts. Your grandpa has a few thoughts he would like to pass along … but little one … make a careful search yourself … and what you will find … will be pretty amazing.

Love you,



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