Hi M,

Are you enjoying summer? These nice days? Playing outside? Growing? Your grandpa’s attention is turning toward cleaning up the outside of the property. Figure it will take until Labor Day. (Another one of those festive times we have talked about.) No shortage of outside stuff to do. Fun though!

When you get a little older you will get to play games with others.

  • Where’s M?
  • Peek-a-Boo.
  • Pick it Up.

Your grandpa remembers playing as a boy, the game “Hide-n-Seek.” Fun game with a few others. One person would count to ten with his eyes covered and the others when to hide. The person counting to ten would open their eyes, try to find those who hid, before they ran without getting tagged to a special place all of you had chosen. From the 1st day of Pr are these words, “they will look for Me but will not find Me.” Sounds like a verse about “Hide-n-Seek” to me.

Just teasing,

Love you little one,



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