Hi M,

Picking up any new skills? Learning to do any new stuff? Actually heard that first question asked today. Pretty exciting when you do.

Your grandpa has thought about different generations for some reason today. People all your fingers and all your toes younger, people counting all your fingers and toes two times younger and also the people counting all your fingers old. What do they do and think? What are their lives like? What will their lives be like as they grow and age? What will your days look like at 1? 21? 41? You’ll have fun days, good days, some … a few “not so good” days … (Like when food is late) … but … a good day … at 6 … 26 … 46 … comes by:

  • praying a little
  • reading a little
  • hmmm … writing a little
  • going to school/working a little … (especial around the home … you’ll appreciate home)
  • helping someone … (always help someone if you can M)
  • singing/dancing a little

Those things will help you smile a lot … (which are a good days.)

Love you little one,



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