Hi M,

Heard (and saw) you went to the zoo today! How wide-eyed were you? How about we continue the series? Worked on Sir Flash and the Beach Creatures last night. Looks like we have a good draft. (Yep … “draft” another ask your mom word. It will need telling/writing a few more times.) It should be ready “birthday next” time. Your grandpa will turn his attention to project next. “Sir Flash and the Zoo Creatures.” Wonder what you saw? Wonder what sounds the animals made? Pretty soon we’ll have a book and stuffed animals for each creature.

  • Sir Flash and the Night Creatures
  • Sir Flash and the Farm Creatures
  • Sir Flash and the Beach Creatures
  • *Sir Flash and the Zoo Creatures
  • *Sir Flash and the City Creatures
  • *And your grandpa has the ideas for three more in the series.

How fun, you and the little one coming to see us in March next year (your cousin) will have your own series of books. And stuffed animals. (A bunch of stuffed animals.) We already have your picture with Flash as a stuffed animal. (A prototype of Sir Flash.) Must say it is one of my favorite pictures.

M, you know what is great about today and talking about creatures … some great big … and others small? The reading today from Pr30 mentions many. “An eagle.” (We actually saw one today. Yep … on the property. It was magnificent.) Yep … ask your mom. Looked amazing. Great. “A snake.” (Might want to avoid those.) “Ants.” (Different than aunts.) “A lizard.”  (Your grandpa used to live in a place that had a lot of those.) “Lions. Roosters. Goats.” Great stories go with each. Your aunt (not ant) and dad had a great big lion (great big stuffed lion) and wait till you hear the story of the first time the cat saw it! “Rooster.” We’ll let your great grandmother show you a rooster. And we’ll save the goat and goatee stories for later.

Don’t think we are going to run out of stories or adventures.

Love you little one,



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