Hi M,

Flash Sketch - #3

Happy Birthday. Happy Sunday. (Second in the Series.)

Sir Flash and the Farm Creatures

One day the Dad two legged opened the back of the car and put in the crate. Flash knew what that meant! They were going on an adventure. (Not to the vet!) All four of the two leggeds got in the car. Flash liked it when all of them were in the car.

The Dad two legged drove, the Mom two legged listen to music and held a GPS (a map) in her hands. The girl two legged was reading and the boy two legged kept asking, “Are we there yet?”

Flash wasn’t sure where they were going, but he knew the boy two legged would let him know.

After a good drive, they arrived. The two leggeds had friends who had a farm. They all got out. Flash took a deep breath. Farm air. Soon he smelled flowers. As the two leggeds said “hi” to their friends, Flash followed his nose … (yep … the long one) to the flowers a few feet away. They smelled great. Fresh, sweet.

As he sniffed the flowers, suddenly Flash was nose to nose with a winged creature. Its wings were flapping fast, so fast it sounded like a hum to his long ears. A hummingbird. A “hum” that sounded like “welcome.” He did feel welcome. He smiled. (Dogs do smile.) One moment she was here, then there, then she was gone. Flash just looked around, knew she was … somewhere.

(*Picture of Flash and the hummingbird nose to nose.)

“Come, Flash.” The two leggeds were walking. He heard to a place called a barn. On the way they passed some strange looking birds, very strange looking birds. Several, pecking at the ground. Chickens they were called. Flash followed his nose to them, but they just scattered. The two leggeds laughed.

(*Picture of Flash running and chickens scattering.)

Nearing the barn they saw cats. Flash knew they were cats because they looked like Miss Kitty, but they were different colors. One was called “Picasso.” They “nuzzled” the two leggeds, but stayed away from Flash.

(*Picture of barn cats “nuzzling” the two leggeds and Flash at a distance.)

In the barn, the boy ran to the cows. As he got close, one cow let out a loud “Moo.” It stopped the boy, but only for a moment. Flash ran beside the boy to see the cow. He found why the cow “Mooed.” Beside the cow was a small cow, a calf. The Mom cow was making sure the small cow was safe. She was. The boy just wanted to see. And the mom cow just wanted him to see … from a further away.

(*Picture of cow and calf, two legged boy and Flash.)

The girl two legged had found a beautiful creature. It had four legs also, but it was so tall. Much taller than Flash, that the cows, taller that the two legged, family and friends. It was a horse. It let her pet it and was happy to eat an apple from her hand. Flash loved the smell of the barn, the cows and the horse.

(*Picture of girl two legged, apple, horse and Flash.)

The moments were great. Flash ran from cows to horse, from horse to cows, back and forth. He was having so much fun. (Yep … Flash had wild puppy!)

After several moments it was time to leave. Good bye cows. Good bye horse.

As they walked back to the house, Flash and the boy ran ahead … past the cats, through the chickens, to the flowers. His nose sure enjoyed the flowers. Out of nowhere, “Hum” was back. Nose to nose with Flash and a sound that sounded like “Come back soon.”

(*Picture of Flash, flowers and “Hum.”)

After goodbyes, the two leggeds put Flash back in the car. He curled up on his cushion in his crate and soon was fast asleep. He dreamed of chickens … cats … cows … horses and “Hum.” He was asleep. It had been a good day. Farm creatures were fun.

(*Picture of Flash sleeping on cushion, in crate, in car with circling dreams of chickens, cats, cows, horses and “Hum.” Boy two legged asleep also.)

Happy birthday,

Love you little one,



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