Hi M,

It rained! Big rain! It felt great. Did you get some? Much (much) cooler. Went to get some food stuff. Moved some of your great grandmother’s stuff. (Know what … we’re cleaning her condo and a few items away from being done … how cool is that … we planning on being done Tuesday!) A few more items are going to Goodwill. Guess what else we did? Yep … helped your aunt and uncle … move.

M, wanted to mention something else. Remember me taking about being festive people? Well … we have another reason to celebrate today. Know why? Your mom’s birthday … today. It is not unusual for there to be birthday cakes, candles and maybe even a present or two. What type of cake did you make? (A skill you’ll acquire soon!) She’s great. Wonderful personality and loves you a bunch! And tell anybody she a teacher … and step back … and hear the applause and positive comments. (*Thought a favorite picture of you and your mom would be good as you celebrate her 1st birthday with you.)

Jen kissing M

Why is that? There’s a phrase from Pr20 that is good, “how then can anyone understand” … by having a teacher (a teacher for a mom) … explain stuff … and most importantly … how to live a good … a great life.

Love you little one,

Happy Birthday Jen, many more,



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