Hi M,

Pretty soon you’ll know all seven days of the week … and then you know what? You’ll have certain days that feel like other days. Today felt like a Saturday. It also felt warm. The heat wave continues … but people who study weather stuff … tell us some rain is coming. Bet that will feel and sound great. (Seattle time.) Hope you had a good growing day. A good day and are preparing for a great weekend. (A Saturday and Sunday.)

Wait until you see money. There is a little phrase on it. “In God we trust.” The reading of the 19th day of Ps reminds us of these two things … “God” and “trust.” Trust is an interesting word. Having people in your life you trust and being a person people trust is great M. It basically means these are people that you can count on, lean on, hold on at all times. They are there when you need something. They care about you and for you. As you grow it is good to be a young lady who does the same for others … a person people trust. A person that does what is right. That is going to be great to see. It is part of what we call character.

Love you little one,



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