Hi M,

Heat wave! People who study such things tell us if we have three+ days of 90 degree temperature … we have a a heat wave … well … think we have one. (Yep … that means it is warm.)  What did you do today? Hope it was cool stuff! Your grandpa? Went to Goodwill. (Good place to go when you have extra stuff.) Moved a bit. (Should be finished this weekend.) Got the goatee (and hair) trimmed. Mowed a bit. Tried to stay cool.

In the 17th day of Ps, one word that that brought a smile to my face. “Tumbleweed.” When your grandpa was little he used to watch “westerns” on TV. Tumbleweeds used to tumble around. Where your grandpa grew up, were places where they didn’t have tumbleweeds. They fascinated me … but never saw a real one. Driving across country (yep … we have a big country) … saw one … off the interstate … against a fence … pulled the truck over … got one … actually still have the picture of me holding it up. (Maybe one day you’ll get to travel across the country … and see … a tumbleweed!) By the way … not as impressive as your grandpa thought.

Love you little one,


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