Hi M,

Warm … hope you got to play outside … but got to find some AC today … we call that air conditioning … great to have in our cars and homes … sometimes you just need to go inside and cool off … too hot in the summer sometimes and we like some cool air … too cold in the winter sometimes … (yep … the time you were born) … and we like to go inside and get warm … hmmm …

(Mower is fixed … mowed some.)

Have you “heard thunder?” Have you seen “lightning when it lit up” everything at night? One bolt of lighting hit a tree real close to your grandpa’s house. The sound that happened with it was very loud. Your grandpa has been around a few years. (That was one of the closest and loudest.) These at times are called thunder storms. Often the sky gets dark in the day time and we feel the rain fall and see a bright bolt of lightening and shake a bit when we hear the thunder. Weather can make you wide-eyed, but it can also be amazing, refreshing and a reminder of the power of God.

(You know what else is on the property? Lightening Bugs! Hundreds of them. Wait until you catch a jar full of them! Fun.)

Love you little one,



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