Hi M,

Voices. One of the things that you can enjoy all the days of your life, from the time you are little till the time your are your grandpa’s age is voices. There will be so many voices that are distinctive (ask your mom about that word) … familiar … and positive. It will serve you well to hear and heed the voices that you trust, the voices of those who care about and love you. Those voices will always help you lean in a direction that is good.

M, your grandpa tries to read and write a bit each day. Ps has helped me understand God. (You’ll find out people have a lot to say about Him, over the years you may want to know a little about Him yourself. Ps can help.) Pr has helped me with other people. (Yep … there’s a lot of us.) Mt has helped me understand Jesus. (There’s a lot of opinions about Him. Thought it might be a good idea to read about for myself.) That’s where my hope and prayer for you comes from today. And Ac helps me understand churches. (Bunch of them out there.) From Mt 13 … “may you do something and see it blessed … not just once or 10 times (yep … all your fingers) … but 100 x”… (ask your mom … that’s a big number) ….

Love you little one,



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