Hi M,

Did you enjoy this beautiful summer day? Did you play outside? See the sun shine? See clouds move from here to there? Hear some birds sing? Just think … your first summer. Did you know your grandpa was born in the middle of his first summer? (Must admit … don’t remember much of it … any of it really … but they tell me it was fun.)

One time while driving down the interstate … (that road where you can travel pretty fast in your carseat) … your aunt was pretty small … in hers … and she had a stuffed animal slip out of her hand … and guess where it went … yep … out the window. Your grandpa remembers looking at the rear view mirror … seeing another car run over it … and the wind blow it to the side of the road. Had the dad hat on at the time … it was before grandpa time … turned the car around … (safely) … turned the car around again(safely) … jumped out of the car (safely) … picked up the stuffed animal … (yep … had a tire mark on it) … jumped back in the car … handed the animal to your aunt … she smiled … and declared to all who would listen … that her dad was “the strongest boy in the world.” (Made me smile.) M, your grandpa is not the strongest guy in the world. Your dad is pretty strong … stronger than most … but even he is not the strongest in the world … (may seem like it at times) … truth be known … one of the many names of God is strength. In reading the 12th day of Ps … He is referred to as “Strength.” It is just a reminder of who the strongest guy in the world is … it is good to know He is keeping an eye on you … (yep … and your stuffed animals.)

Love you little one,



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