Hi M,

Saw a little guy this morning … 10 months old … hit “fast forward” and thought of you in a few months. (Fun.)

One of the good things about getting a little older (yep … your grandpa falls in that older category … fun but older) is not as many things surprise you as before … you pick up on hints … but when they do … you always remember the feeling … it could be a “jack-in-the-box” … (wait until you see one of those) … a mirror at the circus that makes you look taller, a lot taller than you really are … (you’ll see one of those before you know it) … a birthday party full of people you did not know were coming … (that takes some planning) … “bumping” into someone you haven’t seen for a long time … (of course you have to have been breathing in and out for a long time for that to happen) … a surprise is often, hopefully, something fun and unexpected.

M, may your life be full of pleasant surprises and wonder.

M, life is also full of back then stuff, now stuff and ahead stuff. One of the great things about now stuff is just looking around. There’s “joy” and “gladness.” Sometimes you will have to really look around, but joy and gladness are there. Sometimes you may look in the mirror and think on occasion … “not so much joy” … but when you look out the window … you see it … the cool, the smile, the bringing joy to your soul stuff. You know what is cool … to have a home with twice as many windows as mirrors.

Love you little one,



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