Hi M,

Getting good at rolling around? Are you able to get from here to there yet? How that grip? Smiling a lot these days? What new sounds are you learning? Getting to go outside in this weather? Bet your days are full.

M, some days are an adventure. Some days are like other days. You get to enjoy a routine and a  familiar day. Your grandpa had one of those days today.

From the 10th day of Ps are the words “pen” and “skilled writer.” Your grandpa has never considered himself a “skilled writer” but just a guy who like writing … likes writing to you. Before long you will be able to read and hear some of the observations (there’s a word) … the stories, the values and just know your grandpa spent part of the day thinking about you. M, your grandpa reads a little bit also. A few Ps, a Pr, a chapter of Mt, and a few verses from Ac. The reading and writing has allowed many wonderful thoughts to come my way. Allowed me to think inside the book and outside the box … many thinks that have just caused me to think … hmmm. Perhaps in days to come … you can just think … hmmm … this what my grandpa was thinking today.

Love you little one,



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