Hi M,

Hope you had a great 4th!

Your grandpa? Well … your great grandmother has her sights set on two things on her birthday (Jan/31) and today (July/4). A hot dog … and a banana split. One we got today. Worked on the paths today. (Yep … got the mower stuck.) Have to call your dad to help. (Good at getting it stuck … third time this year … since May … not so good at the getting it unstuck part … by the way the paths are looking good!) … And remember me mentioning the things that get your clothes clean and shiny … helped your aunt and uncle get those … a washer/dryer.) Full day.

The reading from the 4th day of Ps has a fun word to read and say? Glorious. Just a bring a smile to your face word. M, when you look all around you’ll see the things God made. The people that believe God made these things are often called saints. (We don’t always feel like saints … but that is what we’re called. Kind of cool.) And saints are “glorious ones” in whom we delight.

Love you little one,




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