Hi M,

Remember me writing about us being a festive bunch of people? Coming up on another day. The 4th of July! Let the festivities begin! The colors red, white and blue a lot of places! Flags a lot of places! Wait until you see fireworks! Right now we are celebrating your birthday each month. Pretty soon we will celebrate it once a year. Remember me talking about this place being a big place? This place is in a country and many countries celebrate their birthdays. (Yep … people celebrate their birthdays, so does our country.) It is a fun day. Some great men and women helped make it that way.

M, in the reading today from the 3rd of Ps, are the words, “O Lord, You will keep us safe and protect us from such people.” May your grandpa say it again? Some great men and women have keep us safe over the years. Pretty soon you’ll lean a new word, “thankful.”

We are.

Love you little one,


*PS … wait until you taste ice cream and apple pie … we are a festive bunch!


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