Hi M,

Did you enjoy 6 months plus one? Get to do cool stuff? Guess what cool stuff we did? Move mom. (My mom. Your dad’s grandmother. Your great grandmother.) Must say … tired. Good day … but tired.

M, the reading today is from the 29th day of Ps. As you have heard, your dad is a martial art’s instructor. Sometimes he competes. Does a form with great detail as he moves. Breaks boards sometimes. (Yep …) Precise movements are needed in both. And sometimes he spars. (Yeah … a controlled fight.) We’ll explain someday. (Cute when he was a kid. As a big person … whoa.) Often before he spars he quotes these words from Ps144 that he learned while training at the Olympic Center in CO. “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Must admit … sparring can be fun to watch. For a few minutes you would think sparring is two people not happy with each other. But in the end … hands, fingers, feet, legs … they just smile at each other … bow out of respect to each other … shake hands with each other … your dad has made many good friends over the years. (Wait until you see the trophies. Wait until you know what a trophy is!)

Your dad and martial arts. Your mom and teaching. It is going to be interesting to watch you grow!

Love you little one,



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