Hi M,

Saw you went to a wedding with your mom today. How fun. Your aunt takes pictures at weddings. She has some funny stories to tell. (Ask her to tell you the one about someone having to call the police about a mother-in-law … yep pretty funny.) Hope the wedding you attended was a “normal” one. 

Got the “weeds’ out of the orange flowers in front of the property. And … major rain came while working on the paths. Slowly, but surely the property is being “reclaimed” … and should be fun for your next visit. 

M, as you grow, there is a great (amazing) story of what God did at the Red Sea. (Wait until you see a sea.) As you learn and remember things, it is good to remember the “mighty acts” of God. That “Red Sea” thing is one of those “you’ll want to remember that” things. Way cool. Tell you a little more about what happened later.

Love you little one,




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