Hi M,

Mow. Move. Mom. M. That was my day. What about yours? Birds singing, sun shining, clothes for the day, rolling over, giggling, working on your noises, fascinated with familiar faces and voices, learning new stuff, remembering stuff, wonder when that bottle is coming, loud lung time, look around time, need a nap time … full day.

(While mowing … ok … clearing a path … your grandpa found a birdhouse that needs reclaimed and repaired … we’ll fix it up and add it to the birdhouse tour … how cool is that?) 

M, guess what your grandpa hung on the side porch yesterday? Something mentioned in the reading today. “An owl.” It’s wooden. When you pull it’s tail, the owl’s wings flap! It’s funny. (Yep … you can see it!)

Love you little one,




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