Hi M,

Have a fun day? Your grandpa? Office stuff. Moving stuff. Saw the mower man. Mowed. (Grass can get pretty high if you miss a mowing or two.) And the great news … another birdhouse idea. (Every time your grandpa works on one … seems another improvement idea comes along.) We’ll go on a birdhouse tour before you know it! Little one, how was your day? Build any birdhouses? Just teasing. Keep growing. You’ll be stronger and be able to talk and walk with me soon. That birdhouse tour … you’ll be able to walk … and tell me about the birds you see.

M, when we go on the birdhouse tour we will not be able to help ourselves … we’ll just smile. The reading today mentions “singing” … several times. Sometimes when you walk with God and see the amazing things (birds … many singing) … you just want to smile … and sing because you are happy. May we “come before Him with joyful songs.”

Love you little one,



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