Hi M,

Wish your grandpa had some exciting news to share. Other than trying out a new birdhouse idea it was just a day. (Beautiful, bird singing day though!) How about your day? Anything exciting? Or just growing stuff? Rolling around stuff? Getting stronger stuff? Building birdhouses and growing … guess that was exciting!

M, may your grandpa pause and tell you a little about some reading stuff? Found it helpful to read. Ps helps people appreciate God more each day. Pr helps people with people. Mt helps people understand the things Jesus did. Ac helps people understand church. So … your grandpa reads and writes … and … brings you M&Ms.

My prayer for you tonight … “May no harm befall you. May no disaster come near you. May angels guard you in all your ways.”

Love you little one,


PS … one of my new favorite pictures … that’s me on the other side of that eyeball to eyeball shot!

M - eyes close up

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