Hi M,

How was your day? Smile at people? Try to talk to people? Did your grandpa tell you he has a special place to pray (talk to God about stuff) on the property? Think you saw it when you were here last. Maybe we can see it again this weekend? A few years ago the idea came to mind to use some boulders on the property to make a special circle as a place to pray about certain things. You, family, friends, others, certain concerns on my mind. It has been a sacred place (ask your mom about that word.) Fond memories are associated with rolling the boulders to their positions and tossing a rock or a pebble in their midst to recall a request. Paused for a few moments to that today. 

M, as you get older many people will tell you what is right and wrong, good and no so good. They may share with you values that they embrace. Lessons from life they have learned. Tell tales. In time you will decide which things fit you best. In todays reading your grandpa saw the word “mercy” appear a few times. Got me to thinking. To bring a smile of approval from God consider these things. “Act justly” … try to do what is right (be nice to your mother is one of those things) and be good to people. “Love mercy” … give people the benefit of the doubt and be grateful and mindful of the mercy of God … “walk humbly with God” … some have a tendency to be proud, go their own way but leaning God’s way will always serve you well. Pretty heavy stuff for one so young, but hearing it early and often will serve you well.

Love you little one,




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