Hi M,

Good morning little girl. Hope you slept well and the day has started well. M, people are going to question whether God has a sense of humor. But we know He does. Look what He does to our hair every morning! (Just teasing.) Some days are easy, slow days. Some it seems you have 1000 things to do. Those are called “full” days. Some times just thinking of a handful of things to do makes the day more enjoyable. Let’s think of some things to do today. Smile at your mother. Laugh a little. Enjoy some food. Roll over a few times. Take a nap. Play a bit. That will be a good day M.

“I am confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord.” M, everyday we see goodness all around us. Sometimes the “path” we’re on and “pace” we travel allows us to those good things … made for us to enjoy. Enjoy the day.

Love you little one,




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