Hi M,

Sir Flash I - sketch #4

Happy Birthday M! Five months old. That is all the fingers on one hand. Your grandpa is all the fingers on two hands old. (Of course there is that months on your part and years old my part thing.) OK … your grandpa will tell you the tale of Sir Flash and the Night Creatures.

Sir Flash and the Night Creatures

One day my children announced, “You’ll never guess what we got you.” They were right. I thought for days it was a colorful tie. Boy, was I wrong.

The big day arrived. No tie. A puppy. A Basset Hound. He would fit in both hands. We named him Sir Flash I. As a puppy, his ears hung on the ground. He would take off running. Step on his ears. Flip. Look surprised. It was funny. We would laugh.

Sir Flash grew and grew. As a puppy he looked unique. As he got bigger, he was still a very unique looking dog. A noble looking dog. Long tail, long body, long nose, long, long ears, short legs. He came to live with us (His two leggeds) in WA and now lived with us in IN. Flash was fun. He often had what we called “wild puppy.” He ran at full speed (with his short legs) in wide circles for several moments. Going … really nowhere. Then he would collapse. Funny to watch and you never knew when it might start.

For many years Flash slept on a cushion in the garage each evening. One night we forgot and left the garage door open. He looked out. Curiosity got the best of him. He went outside.

At first Flash went to the left … where the pond was. He was thirsty, so he took a drink. Dogs drink with their tongues. Imagine lapping up water sounds. While getting a drink, he heard a “croaking” sound. Looked up he saw a frog. The frog croaked again. Flash crept closer. With his long nose he touched the frog on the nose. It frighten Flash. Off he ran. (With a big leaps, Croaker, the frog did too!) The opposite direction of Flash.

After a few moments, as he usually did. Flash began to follow his nose. (Yep … the long one.) It lead him to a tree on the right side of the front yard. Flash sniffed and sniffed and sniffed.  He came nose to nose, under the tree, with a wide-eyed raccoon. He saw it. The raccoon saw him. They scared each other! Off they ran. (Hands, the raccoon was a sight to see.)

A few feet from the tree, actually about ten, Flash looked back. “Who. Who. Who.” He heard with his long ears. He slowly looked up. In the top of the tree was an owl. Big eyes. Funny looking nose. It was the eyes and nose that started Flash running. Hoot, the owl wasn’t a hoot to Flash. Off to the middle of the side yard Flash ran

Alone he sat. Shivering. Frightened. Though he looked around, he wasn’t able to see the entrance to the garage. He was lost … in his own yard. Suddenly he heard another sound. He slowly looked around. He heard a purr. [Yep, with those long ears.] Walking by was Miss Kitty. Flash remembered, they lived at the same house. Each looked at each other. She purred a “follow me” purr. As Flash followed her, she walked right into the garage. Flash felt safe. Flash felt very good when he came to his cushion. He was very happy. So happy he ran to it. Curled up. Before you know it he thought how silly it was being afraid. He had simply met  some new friends. The next time the garage was open he would spend more time with them.

Soon he was asleep. Soon he was dreaming. Dreaming of new friends. Croaker, Hands, Hoot and Miss Kitty. They would be good friends. Night creatures. Night friends.

Love you little one,



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