Hi M,

We are coming up on Memorial Day. Memorial Day weekend! We have a little race here in Indiana! Cars that go very fast. (Yes … they are buckled in their car seats.) Remember your grandpa mentioning we are festive people. Memorial Day is another one of those days. We just pause and remember incredibly brave people that make where you were born unique. 

“His children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.” Your grandpa loves those words. It helps encourage me to be good. That way your dad and your aunt will be influential around town. (Both own their own businesses and their work will flourish.) My generation will be blessed. Your parents generation will be blessed. And you know what? You and your generation (those born close to the time you were born) will be blessed. Good stuff will happen around you and your parents. How cool is that?

Love you little one,




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