Hi M,

How was your day? Get to enjoy some of that sunshine? Smile, laugh, grin about stuff? Working on new sounds? Rolling around? Bet you had fun. Your grandpa had a few adventures today. He’s wheel-less. You know how you travel sometimes in a car seat? Well … they took my car seat in to repair it. (Make it better.) And my meeting … yep where the car seat was needed for a trip … was postponed … several days from now. Have a pretty cool project in the planning stage. This guy is going to help me. 

You know my favorite picture of you to date? (The picture of your right hand and arm.) M, today your grandpa read something that reminded me of that picture of you. God’s “right hand and holy arm” are described. Singing God a song, for He has done marvelous (there’s a great word) things. It is good to think of God’s goodness when we see that picture of you.

Love you little one,



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