Hi M,

Hope you had a good day. Second day of trying this writing at night stuff. Guess what? It rained today! Big rain. Watched the dark clouds with the rain arrive. Must admit … got rained on a little bit myself, but it was pretty cool to see. The word is your grandpa might see you tomorrow. (Time for you to see the surprise!) 

Something funny happened today. Your grandpa was moving a couple of items and accidentally left the door to the car open. About an hour later, went back outside and saw that the door was open. Hemi had climbed in the car and was sitting in the passenger seat thinking he was going on an adventure. He’s a funny dog. (Wait until you see him chase a frisbee. Wait until you see a frisbee!) M, there are so many things we want to see you see!

Speaking of seeing stuff. Have you see the moon at (dark time) night? “When the moon is full.” Just seeing the moon is amazing. You know who made the moon? Yep … God. Why? (Looking forward to hearing you ask those questions also.) One of the reason He made the moon … just for you!

Love you little one,




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