Hi M,

Hope your day has started well. Your grandpa is going to try something different today. Going to write you a note in the evening. (Yep … dark time.) The thinking is to write near the end of the day so we can think of the things that happened during the day. (Talk about some tales.) One of the young men your grandpa coached (Yep … back in the day came over last night.) Also had a chance to see your aunt and uncle. Moving, seeing an old friend and seeing family … it was a good day.

Let me see if this note routine (mom …) works.

Love you little one,


Part 2 (pm)

What did you do today? My day? Office work. Returned keys to where my office was. Do you have some keys? Moved some stuff for your great grandmother. (Baker’s rack and a chair.) Had a “Go to meeting” meeting with a good friend. Moved some great grandmother stuff. Yep … move #2. (Outside table and chairs.) Extended the path. Wait until you get to walk on the paths.

You know one of my favorite pictures of you is the one where your right hand is stretching. It is not unusual for people to reach their hand or hands upward, toward heaven while talking to God. Sometimes while they are happy and sometimes while sad. These words remind me of your picture, “At night I stretched out untiring hands.”

Love you little one,




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