Hi M,

One day till Mother’s Day! Your mom’s first! Your dad and I have finished a present for both of you. We think you’ll like it. Wait until you see it. (Yep … cool.)

Not sure how to tell you this, but your grandpa … likes crisp (there’s another word for your mom) …  and clean … and organized … and in order. (OK …. it can bother people at times  … and even lead to a funny story … or two.) Just one of those “That’s my grandpa” things. Today, the words “I will be clean” jumped out at me. Clean is good. Just thought that it feels good to be clean. Looks good when things are clean, in order, organized. (And wait until you hear the comments. “Did you brush your teeth? (Teeth are coming.) Did you wash behind your ears? (Both of them.) And are your hands clean?) It will make you laugh.

Love you little girl,



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