Hi M,

Seattle day. Guess what? A first for your mom is coming up in a couple of days? Her first Mother’s Day! Did you get her a gift? Just teasing. You are her gift and without you … M, remember me mentioning we were people who liked to celebrate? In a couple of days … Mother’s Day … one of those days. Your mom has a very unique task in the world. Being there for you. Yep … something to celebrate.

M, in keeping with the “being thankful for mom” theme, these words take on added meaning. “God will help her at the break of day.” Early in the morning, (light time) all afternoon, (more light time) and at night, (dark time) … God will always help your mom … help and be there for you. (It is good to know.)

Love you little one,


*PS … (There’s another one to ask your mom about.) Remember the guy who sang “Soft Kitty” to you? His birthday is today. (Yep … we celebrate birthdays!)


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