Hi M,

M - hand in the air

You know some days, your grandpa has a thousand things to say. Don’t think we’ll run out of stuff to talk about in this life time. Sometimes a thousand reasons to smile. Words are really not necessary.  Other days it is good to just think about holding you. (We have a picture, one of my favorites, with me smiling and you holding you.) As the days pass and you learn to walk, it is picture yet to be took of us walking together. Will that be cool or what?

(*You know what? Wrote this this morning. Planned to hit “send” this afternoon. And now it is the evening. Whoa. What a crazy day. Those things happen day. Still standing days. Gotta smile day.)

Mentioned this before, and here it is again. “I lift up my hand toward Your Most High Place.” Remember me mentioning one of my favorite pictures of you? Yep … there are several! M, in one you have a hand raised. (Your right … the may you be blessed with a long life hand.) Your hand is reaching up. Toward mom, dad, a loved one, heaven (here called the Most High Place) … the place where God lives. Cool picture. Cool image. Cool thought.

Love you little one,



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