Hi M,

Another great spring day … and … your day’s birthday! It was a good day. Not many people were on the maternity floor (the where babies are cared for floor) … your dad was born in cool room … decided he needed to be around something other than hospital food … went to a pizza place … brought stuff back … and stuff had changed … remember me saying not many people … many people now … and they all seemed they had something to do … we just looked around … then it happened … they said … you’re fine … we need your room … go home … so we did … took your dad with us … must say … it has been a bet you can’t guess what is going to happen next in life since … it has been fun … we are looking for to what is next in your life … miles of smiles ahead.

“Heard my cry.” Your grandpa has often called your times of crying, trying out your lungs. At this time you don’t know the big words big people are using, so you just try out the lungs to tell us about stuff. Hungry, ready to get up, not comfortable. We don’t always understand … but we try to figure out the cry, the trying out the lung stuff. Why? Because we want you to have those miles of smiles.

Love you little one,




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