Hi M,

Hardy Deweast Carter

Hope you are getting ready for a great spring time weekend. Remember the other day we were mentioning not having a shortage of pictures? Well, last night we had a picture moment. Your great grandmother showed me a picture of your great, great, great, great, great grandfather! Your great grandmother’s great grandfather. My great, great grandfather. Your dad’s great, great, great grandfather … and your 4 greats grandfather. He was born in 1834. His name was Hardy.

You know what made me laugh about his picture? He had a goatee (ask your mom and dad about that one) just like your grandpas. (Well, not exactly, but funny that he had one or that your grandpa has one.)

You know M, we talk about generational stuff sometime. If my math is right (always check my math) that is 7 generations between you and him. Very cool.

“We bless you in the name of the Lord.” Your grandpa thinks he speaks for several generations … may you be blessed and joyful all the days of your life.

Love you little one,



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