Hi M,

What a beautiful spring day. Flowers, bushes and trees are blooming. The grass is growing. Birds are off to here and there. As you get a little older you may hear the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses” (roses are a flower … sometimes given as gifts.) The idea is that it is good to just take a moment each day to look around and enjoy what you see. M, it is pretty amazing what you see.

“I lift up my eyes.” M, staying on the looking around topic are these few words. It is fun to see you look up and around. Seeing faces, looking toward a sound. These days (and really all days) you’ll find you, like all of us could you use a little help. Right now it is getting dressed, getting a meal, getting in a good place to get some sleep, or getting over there. One day it takes a little help learning to walk, help with your homework (ask your mom about that one) …help leaning to ride a bike, drive a car (whoa) … there will be a lot of things ahead where help is needed. This is one of your grandpas favorite thoughts (OK … there are a lot of them) … but this one says, “Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Wait until we tell you about the stuff He made! And how much He can help you with life stuff! Amazing.

Love you little one,



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