Hi M,

Had a great talk with a fellow grandpa this morning. There are a bunch of us out there! You know what else? We’re a pretty fun bunch. You know why? We’re grandpas. That’s what grandpas do … talk about our grandkids. (Oh, yeah … we work a little bit … but just us going down the grandkid road … and can’t shut us up.) Actually, kind of fun.

“May your father and mother be glad, may she who gave you birth rejoice!” M, are those great words to hear or what? When you were born, there were smiles all around. (We have pictures.)  Your mom and dad were glad. “Rejoice” means much happiness. Love seeing your dad with you. Love seeing your mom with you and reading her comments on how much you mean to her. Miles of smiles!

And your grandpa loves you too,



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