Hi M,

Happy Monday! Great spring day! Lots of sunshine. Your grandpa got to meet with a great group (several people … more than we count on one hand) this morning. It is always encouraging (brings a smile to your face) to have good, insightful (ask your mom about that one) people around you. Did you have a great weekend? (Other than that your dad throwing furniture at me thing … just teasing and moving some stuff … we’re doing well here.)  Hope to see you soon. 

“Give thanks.” It is a rare day that we do not say “thank you” to God for you. M, it is good to be thankful. To just say it. Say it often. Say it in a creative way, a thoughtful way. Being thankful means you recognize other people’s help in life. What great words to roll off your lips and to be seen in your eyes. (And felt in your heart.)

Thankful for you little one,




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