Hi M,

Spring. One of the fun things about spring is you never know about the weather. Most of the time it is warm, the sun is shining, but … sometimes it can get cold. Guess what? Today it is cold. Change of clothing type of cold. Now the good news … in just a day or two. Warm again. The sun will come out again. For now extra blanket time.

“Throughout all generations.” Your grandpa has been thinking recently about generations. You, your parents,  your grandparents and your great grandmother. M, we are very blessed to live close to one another. That has not always been the case. (You have heard us mention Seattle days. There were some Colorado days mixed in there also. And some Virginia days. And some Kentucky days. Tell you about those soon.) But now we get to see another often because we live close. (Really like that.) We also are close in the “we care about each other”case. So cold or warm. Here or there. Color of a bow. We want to know … because we care about one another.

Love you little one,




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