Hi M,

Are you having a fun day? M, one of the joys of life is “I can’t believe someone gave me that” stuff and … “I can’t believe I got to give someone that” stuff. So life is divided into “getting stuff” and “giving stuff” … as you get older … many of your joys are wrapped around stuff you were able to give. Sometimes you are so happy about giving that you “let the cat out of the bag” (wait until you hear about the cat and the bag thing) … you just want to tell … and see the look on their face when they receive. It is precious. A treasured sight. 

Hearing that, did we tell you we (your dad and your grandpa) were working on something fun for you? And one more thing is coming! Two “getting” stuff things. Fun … fun … fun stuff. (Wait until you see.)

M, we have talked about day time (light time) and night time (dark time) … about the things you see in the day time. (Sun, clouds, birds.) “When the moon is full.” At night time sometimes you can see the moon. A big old full moon. It is amazing to see. 

Love you little one,




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