Hi M,

Remember our talk about special days and being festive people by nature? Well … this is a special day, not sure everyone would call it a festive day. Tax day! (Wait until you hear about that one. No real songs or colors for today.) Just teasing. 

Little cloudy today, but a warm spring day. Saw the spring pictures of you that your mom posted. Looks like you are enjoying spring. Also heard you had some dad and daughter time this weekend. How fun was that? 

M, in my writings to you … you may have noticed that some of the stuff is in quotes. Your grandpa reads a little bit (alright a lot … for a while now) … kind of a Ps, Pr, Mt and Ac guy (more on that later) … and the “quotes” are just a thought from a phrase in one of those four books. (Books … what a difference they can make in your life.) 

So … “To those who are pure in heart.” Met a lot of people over the years. Many with the desire of keeping their heart pure. One of our goals is to have a heart like someone like you. These are such wonderful days when your heart is naturally pure. As you grow, choices will creep slowly into your life. And choosing to walk every day of life with a “pure” heart is an amazing way to walk. 

Love you little one,




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