Hi M,

Hope you are having a good day, little girl. Smiling, a bit because of two pieces of news. First, wait until you see what you dad and grandpa are working on for you! (And your mom.) Should be ready between birth dates four months and five months. And … looks like birthday six is going to be cool also. (Clue: have much more help on that one!) Hmmm things!

“The holy place where the Most High dwells.” M, we talked about the place where you dwell. Your house. Your home. The place where you have your stuff. Bows, clothes, bottles, binkies, stuff. (Toys) The dwelling is where you sleep, eat and have many of your “holdings.” God has a place, it is called Heaven. It is where He dwells. Where He lives. Most High is another one of His names. Talk about a great place, a great place to dwell, Heaven. Looking forward to telling you more about it soon.

Love you little one,




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