Hi M,

Was reminded today that life is full of possibilities. As you grow you will continue to meet wonderful people. Some will become dear friends. (People you will always want close.) Spent some time with some of those very people this morning. A few others celebrated with me the “Flash” sample. Another had such encouraging words to say. (Remember the special grandpa project … a few guys have stepped forward to help.) And another couple of projects (things to do) look very promising. M, these are some of the joys in having others in your life. May you have many!

“He turned to me and heard my cry.” Your grandpa teases about trying out your lungs. (That is what you are suppose to do at this age.) Sometimes when you need a bottle or a “binky.” Sometimes when stuff is frightening or uncomfortable. Mom and dad, family and friends turn to you in such times. M, so does God. God is attentive in such times. Day (light time) and night (dark time) … smiling times … not smiling times … God always turns His eye toward you. 

Love you little one,




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