Hi M,

100 days old! (If my math is right … and by the way always check my math.) Have these 100 days been great? And the 100 days leading up to the 100 days. Can you tell it is good being a grandpa? Let’s talk about 100 days. That’s a lot of days. (Light times.) You have 10 fingers. (Before you know you’ll know how to count all of them.) Counting each finger ten times is 100. That’s is a lot of counting, but … that’s how many days you have been with us. And trust me … we have enjoyed every day with you. Many more.

“He will keep me safe.” Your safety is almost always on our mind. We want to make sure you are in a safe setting. Good people are around you. You have a safe place to sleep and eat. Don’t get too cold or hot. Have great clothes and bows. Are safe when you travel. Good growing we often say, it is good for us to observe, but we like hearing the doctor’s words also. M, everything about your safety is important to us both now and in the next 100 days to come … 1000 days to come … 100 years to come. (Years … wait until you hear about them!) Safety … that why big people (yep … like your dad) are important. And why will like knowing that God is keeping us safe.

Love you little one,



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