Hi M,

Sir Flash I - sketch #4

It’s here! Just came today. Do you remember the Sir Flash story? Bet you’ll hear that one, the “Flash” stories many times. Well the “Flash” stuffed animal is here. Can’t wait to show it to you. Can’t wait to give it to you. Soon. Your own stuffed animal how cool is that? Wonderful world of dresses, toys and stuffed animals a. Are we having fun yet? Being a grandpa sure is.

“Gather around you.” Bet you have noticed that people like to gather around you. Want to know everything about you. People like to talk to you. Wait until you are able to talk with them. Right now you make talking sounds. By the way people like gathering around you to hear those sounds. Your grandpa heard them the other day. People like to gather around you and see you smile. (Your grandpa saw that too.) Bet they will gather around you to see the stuffed animal also.

Hope you are having a great day.

Love you little one,



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