Hi M,

Your mom mentioned you have discovered the wonder world of toys. That is fantastic! Let the fun begin. M, one of the things that you’ll discover quickly … there is no shortage of toys. Your grandpa remembers the things your dad and aunt had as young ones. (You should have seen their stuffed animal collection! American Girl stuff. Legos.) Must admit it was quite fun being on the giving and watching them play. (Ask your dad sometime, he is pretty amazing to watch with just some rubber bands, tape and string. We’ll save that story for another day.) Spring, toys and people that love … does life get any better?

“Our mouths were filled with laughter.” We have mentioned joy, smiling, grinning, giggling. Bet you have even heard people have laugh. They do that when they hear or see something fun. Toys can be a lot of fun. Seeing someone play with a toy can be lots of fun. Sharing a toy, giving a toy … fun. Makes us smile, grin … laugh. What a wonderful to walk through life, with joy, with a smile, with laughter.

Love you little one,


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