Hi M,

Snow! Lot’s of snow. They said it was coming. And it is here. M, one of the reasons your grandpa likes snow is it slows people down to just look. And as you are growing just slowing down and looking around is such a great thing. We have teased about snowmen and snow angels, but “slow in the snow” can be one of life’s great mottos. (Things people say.)

You know another word for sleep, a nap is “slumber.” One of the coolest things ever is seeing you sleep. We are told when we sleep, take a nap, slumber that God is always keeping an eye on us. He never sleeps. (Yep … just like His angels.) You know your mom keeps a great eye on you, your dad is very strong and protective, at times you are in the care of others, but always you have the caring, protective, strong care of God who is near. (“Right hand” near.)

Love you little one,




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