Hi M,

Ready for spring? Winter is almost behind us. Warmer weather ahead. Birds singing. Things growing. Great time of year. Two days away. Your first spring. Sounds like fun. Seattle day, but spring is around the corner!

M, thinking today it is good for a grandpa to do two things. One, is “bring joy.” M&Ms, writing notes, is really all about adding a little joy to your life. A little happiness. A smile. M, it is good to be at the front of a parade. A “joy” parade. (Speaking of parades, wait until you see one of those.) The other thing is “with my mouth I will make known God’s faithfulness and love through all generations.” (Guess that also means through notes.) Generations is an interesting word. It means people that are about my age … and people about your mom and dad’s age … and … people that are about your age. So … we are to talk, to write about God, “unfailing love” and joy to all ages, especially you.

One day, little one this will make a little more sense. Today, two days till spring, just hear God, joy and love. Lots of joy. Lots of love.




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