Hi M,

M with whales on her shirt

Good growing! Saw the picture with whales on your shirt. (Whale of a picture.) Remember talking about visiting the sea. (Sometimes it is called the ocean.) That is where whales live. They swim in the water. They are very (very) big. M, do you remember me sending you the Sir Flash and the Night Creatures story? (Flash meeting the frog, a raccoon, an owl and Miss Kitty.) Think your grandpa will write you another one one day, “Sir Flash and the Ocean Creatures.” (About Flash and the two leggeds going to the ocean. Seeing and hearing waves. Flash meeting seagulls, pelicans, crabs, seeing a starfish and a whale.) Some of those are new words. New animals. But it should be fun. And … you’ll hear a little more about the your shirt.

You know who made the ocean and whales? (Yep … God.) Amazing.

Love you little one,



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