Hi M,

Lot of 3‘s in this day. Seattle day. Snow flurry day. Hope you are having a good day.

“The Rock, my Rock, my mighty Rock.” M, wait until you see rocks. Maybe mom or dad can show you one when the weather gets warm. Rocks come in all sizes. Some will fit in your hand. (Ask your dad about rocks that are ”roll around” size.) Some are the size of your room. The big ones are not easy to move. (Your grandpa will tell you the story about your aunt telling us a rock was growing in our yard one morning.) You know your grandpa calls you M. (Yep … brings you M&Ms.) M is a nickname, not your whole name, but a name you are affectionately (a name we like to call you) called. It makes me smile when it is heard. Rock is another name (a nickname, if you will) of God. Remember us talking about the many names of God? This is one of them. As you get older, leaning on a Rock, the Rock is a great thing.

Love you little one,




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