Hi M,

Did you have a great weekend? (Yep … that is two light times.) Is this day going well?

Do you remember what we call these type of days? (Yep … “Seattle” days.) The first time we heard the term (words) “sun breaks” was in Seattle. It made us laugh. Hope laughter is part of your day.

“Flourishing in the house.” Good words. Good thoughts. As we look forward to warmer weather, we enjoy some snow time and cold time, wrap up with an extra blanket time, stay warm, stay in the house time. (Ask your mom to tell you about inside and outside time.) Even with you staying inside a lot right now … you are flourishing … (growing) … (healthy … people that know say so) … by the way those “unfailing love” words are there again! You know what? You are “flourishing” and are loved. How cool is that?

Love you little one,


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